Life Raft, F-2B

The LRU-15/F-2B Life Raft Assembly is a 20-person First Response Rescue life raft - the primary survival equipment for aircraft personnel forced down at sea.

LSI Product ID: flo-4000-00

AID Milspec: MIL-L-009131

The LRU-15 / F-2B Life Raft Assembly is a 20-person life raft - the primary survival equipment for aircraft personnel forced down at sea. US Mil-Spec: MIL-L-009131

The life raft is made up of two single-compartment circular tubes connected by an equalizer tube, a non-inflatable floor suspended between the circular tubes, and a boarding ramp permanently attached to each circular tube. The floor is equipped with a built-in inflatable floor support and inflatable boarding ramps are located on opposite sides of the ramp. A sea anchor, used to retard drifting, is stowed in the sea anchor pocket and is located at the junction of the circular tubes. An inner lifeline, boarding handles, survivor holding handles, a heaving ring, a reversible canopy and emergency survival equipment are available as optional equipment for the safety and survival of the air crewmen.

The inner lifeline, attached to the floor, and the boarding handles, attached to the circular tubes and boarding ramps, also provide a means for securing the accessory container to the raft. The reversible canopy, bright red on one side and blue on the other side, is equipped with an access flap located at each boarding ramp. Canopy rod supports and top-off valves are located on each side of the floor support.

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LSI P/N Description Mil Ref.

F2B Hull

Note: This part number is for Hull ONLY. Does not include CO2 Inflation Assy., Case, Canopy, Rods and Mast, or Survival Kit.

FLO-4001-00 F2B,Hull, Y-Vented w/CO2, Sea Anchor, and Life Raft case configured for Wing Installation -