Life Preserver/Survival Vest, MK-46 SV™

Integrated Life Preserver/Survival Vest system which incorporates an inflatable life preserver with a modular survival vest. Includes equipment pockets specifically designed to carry essential survival accessories. Includes Aircrew Restraint Harness.

LSI Product ID: flo-4570

The MK-46SV is an integrated life preserver and modular survival vest. The vest is manufactured using nylon mesh and features Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) for the attachment of standard and optional non-standard pockets.

Standard with the MK-46SV are four large and two small equipment pockets (each with MOLLE attachments) specifically designed to carry essential survival equipment. Optional MOLLE attached accessories include: HEED bottle pocket, pistol holster, knife pocket, and a variety of other non-standard pockets. Integrated with the vest is a webbing aircrew restraint harness with hoisting/lifting becket and lower-extremity straps attached with Cobra quick-release buckles. The life preserver is housed in 1000 Denier Nylon Cordoba slim-profile OD green stole, laced to the vest. The MK-46SV features an optional automatic inflation system and bladder reflectors.
Spec Sheet
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