Air-Lift Rescue Vest (ARV)

The latest in victim extraction and rescue.

LSI Product ID: res-1004-00

The Air-Lift Rescue Vest (ARV) brings together fast donning and rapid extraction for short haul and hoist operations. Adjustable for a "one size fits all" application to accommodate patients from 50 to 400 lbs. The easy side adjustment system provides for patient positioning, allowing for a more vertical posturing of patient if desired. This system allows for multiple in-flight configurations. Designed to fit over bulky clothing, PFD's and Military Tactical vests. Low profile, rear and side grab handles work seamlessly in hoist operations. Fully reinforced webbing sub-structure makes this unit bomb proof! Comes with steel auto locking attachment carabiner and storage/deployment bag. Colors: Blue or Military Multi-Cam. Strength 4000 lbf. Weight 6 lbs.

• One size, fully adjustable
• Available Swift Water version that uses mesh fabric on seat portion of vest to allow for quick drainage.
• Available in Military version made of Multi-Cam fabric and terra webbing.