Rescue Ladder, Floor Mount Nylon

The ELD800PD Rescue Ladder family is an item designed for air to ground deployment and retrieval.

LSI Product ID: res-8000-00

It is provided with a simple, dependable quick release mechanism which enables the ladder to be detached from the aircraft in the event of an emergency. The release mechanism operates by having the attachment pins mounted to a rotatable control shaft that is movement regulated by a ball-lock pit pin which creates a three step release procedure, preventing the shaft from accidental rotation.

Features of the ladder includes:
  • Lead weighted bottom rungs (5)
  • Heavy duty steel standoff top rungs
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • A polyfoam trailing tail for stabilization
  • “Aero-Fold” main strap design and sturdy carry bag which also protects the unit from damaging UV rays.
  • The units are powder coat and hard anodize finished throughout to provide years of dependable service.
  • The standard 35 foot ladder weighs 43 lbs. and is load rated at 2500 lbs.
  • They are available in lengths of 25 to 60 feet and with mounting configurations for ALL current aircraft models.

AFSOC and NAVAIR Approved