Rescue Swimmer Harness, TRI-SAR

The TRI-SAR is a helicopter hoistable full body rescue harness with integrated flotation (buoyancy 35 lbs). Manually or orally inflated, it is standard equipment for the USCG Rescue Swimmer.

LSI Product ID: sar-0487-00

AID Model: 487

Manufactured By: Lifesaving Systems Corporation

The TRI-SAR is a helicopter hoistable rescue harness with integrated flotation and dual recovery capability. It is standard equipment approved for U.S. Navy Aviation & U.S. Navy Surface Swimmers. It is designed to combine the security of a full body harness, comfort of a seat harness and safety of integrated flotation. This full body harness is constructed primarily of MIL-SPEC Types 10 and 13 nylon webbing, and features exclusive low profile, quick adjusting stainless steel hardware.  When hoisted, the upright, slightly reclined seated position allows total use of the rescuer's hands. Ideal for rapid deployment in swift/cold water or cliff type rescues. The TRI-SAR has full support offered by 3" wide leg and waist straps versus heavy & bulky pads.

The integrated flotation vest features a low profile, easy to swim in design, with user variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs. Inflated manually with CO2 or orally with air, the flotation vest is easily removed or replaced, and is available in orange or black. The orange vest has SOLAS grade retro-reflective panels. Generous storage pockets for critical rescue and emergency equipment are provided. Utilizes a 33 gram CO2 cylinder.

The flotation cell is encased entirely in a heavy weight, puncture & abrasion resistant nylon cover. The encased design requires no repacking after use; simply deflate.

Sizes (by height):
Medium (64" - 69"),
Large (68" - 73"),
X-Large (72" - 78"),
XX-Large (74" - 80")

Orange or Black

Available in the following Models:

  • TRI-SAR, Civil Operators
    Includes harness and Orange vest with retroreflective panels

  • TRI-SAR, US Navy, Aviation
    Includes harness and Black vest with US Navy Pocket Design
    NSN: 4240-01-517-5062 (M)
    NSN: 4240-01-517-5061 (L)
    NSN: 4240-01-517-5064 (XL)
    NSN: 4240-01-517-5065 (XXL)

  • TRI-SAR, Harness

  • TRI-SAR Vest, Orange

  • TRI-SAR Vest, Black

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Spec Sheet
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