Core Warmer, FIRE FLEECE™, Special OPS/SAR, 3mm

The Core Warmer is designed for maximum warmth and comfort and for use in a wide variety of SAR, Surface and Diving applications.

LSI Product ID: sar-3040-f-00

This suit provides core body coverage, and is designed to be worn alone or as a layering garment under wetsuits or Dry suits.  This Core Warmer is designed with flat hook & loop shoulder entry configuration. This entry design allows the suit to fit easily and comfortably under heavier thermal garments or overalls without bunching or snagging.

Product Features:

• HT Hyperstretch® Thermoprene® material
• Ultra-high stretch, low pile synthetic FIRE FLEECE ™ lining
• Hook & loop shoulder entry
• Double glued and double blind stitched seams
• Minimal seam design for maximum warmth and less opportunity for seam failure
• Pill and abrasion-resistant nylon interior and exterior
• Saddle style crotch for superior mobility