RescueStreamer®, Signal Streamer

Bright orange streamer that can be seen over a mile away and provides a continuous high visibility signal on land or in water. Available in 3 sizes. RescueStreamer® works when all else fails.

LSI Product ID: sig-1130-00

Sometimes you like being lost. Far from civilization. Off the grid. But if the situation turns bad, you'll want help fast. RescueStreamer® works when all else fails.

  • Visible over a mile away
  • Deploys in seconds
  • Works consistently
  • Signals continuously—even if you’re injured or asleep
  • Compact and lightweight
It's an all-too-common scenario in search and rescue missions; aircraft fly overhead, unable to see survivors. No matter how much they flail their arms, people are little more than a speck. The RescueStreamer® works when all else fails.

The RescueStreamer® floats, remains unfurled, regardless of wind conditions. Is light enough to carry, easy enough to deploy (even if injured) and visible over any terrain. RescueStreamer® has undergone countless independent tests (commercial equivalent to the SEE/RESCUE currently in use by all branches of the US military).

Survivor  The size of a cell phone, the Survivor is there when you need it, barely there when you don't. Get one for yourself, another for everyone you care about. Comes in a mesh bag and is for personal use, PFDs, flight vests and survival kits.

Survivor II  Same as the Survivor, but comes in a holster, instead of a mesh bag. For personal use, PFDs, flight vests and survival kits.

Aviator  With an extra 15 feet of streamer, the Aviator is ideal for all-terrain adventurers. Feel secure that no matter how lost you get, you can always be found. Comes in a mesh bag and is for use in 1-2 person rafts.

Mariner  If you're traveling with others, you'll want a Mariner nearby. Stow one on your boat, your aircraft, your life raft, or your vehicle to be prepared for adverse conditions. Comes in a clear tube and is for use in marine vessels and multi-person rafts.

Product Name Deployed Size Stowed Size Deployed Weight Stowed Weight
Survivor 6" x 25' 2.5" x 7.5" 3.8 oz 4.3 oz
Survivor II 6" x 25' 2" x 7" 3.8 oz 4.9 oz
Aviator 6" x 40' 3.5" x 7.5" 5.6 oz 6.7 oz
Mariner 11" x 40' 2.5" diameter x 11.5" 11.6 oz 13.5 oz