ProFind SLB-200-100 Voice Module

Compact, military-grade add on voice module for ACR SLB-2000-100V beacons.

LSI Product ID: sig-7039-00

AID NSN: 5825-20-003-2520 (beacon only)

AID Model: SLB-200-100 Voice

This proven concept adds a voice capability to the SLB-2000 beacon by the use of an external 282.8 MHz transceiver with earbud. The transceiver itself will not contain power source - power is provided by the SLB-2000 batteries.

Compact, military-grade emergency beacon providing tri-band operation with GPS and two-way voice.

EASY TO INSTALL; designed for use in ACES II/III and Martin-Baker ejection seat packs, and BA-22 parachutes
♦ RUGGED; withstands demanding conditions
EASY TO USE: manual and automatic activation
ACCURATE: better than 100 meters within one minute of activation
RELIABLE: built-in-self-test
UHF two-way voice attachment plugs directly into beacon


Technical Information:


Center Frequency: 282.8MHz +/- 30ppm
Output Power: At least +17dBm
Phase modulation
VSWR: The transmitter shall not be damaged if the output VSWR is 3:1 or better at any phase angle.
Frequency Response:
Shall be between 400Hz and 3kHz


Center Frequency: 282.8MHz +/- 30ppm
Audio input is greater than or equal to -99dBm. For input signals>= -99dBm the SINAD shall be at least 10dB
Squelch is not used

Spec Sheet
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