Survival Kit, Rigid Seat, Model CNU-129/P

The CNU-129/P Series Survival Kit is designed to stow the emergency survival equipment in the ejection seats of the F-5 and T-38 aircraft. It consists of two containers in which a life raft and a variety of survival accessories are packaged.

LSI Product ID: sur-3020-00

The CNU-129/P Survival Kit consists of a two compartment molded fiberglass container, in which a life raft and a variety of survival accessories are packaged. The container is shaped to fit the seat bucket of the ejection seat. The large section of the container is fitted with a cover and a release handle for deployment of the survival equipment and raft.

Major Components:
  • CNU-129/P - Container Assembly (LSI P/N: SUR-3020-00)
  • CNU-129/P - Complete with Survival Accessories (LSI P/N: SUR-3021-00



CNU-129/P,Container Assembly (LSI P/N: SUR-3020-00):
Qty Description LSI Part no.
1 each Actuator, Kit Deployment SUR-3020-01
1 each Cushion SUR-3020-02
1 each Handle Assembly SUR-3020-03
1 each Lid Assembly SUR-3020-04
1 each Sensor Assembly SUR-3020-05
1 each Lock Assembly, LH SUR-3020-06
1 each Mode Transfer/RH Lock Assembly SUR-3020-07
1 each Release Assembly, Automatic Deployment SUR-3020-08
1 each Selector Assembly, Mode SUR-3020-09
1 each Body Assembly, Container SUR-3020-10
CNU-129/P,- Complete with Survival Accessories (LSI P/N: SUR-3021-00):
Qty Description LSI Part No.
1 each CNU-129/P Container Assembly (detailed above) SUR-3020-00
1 each Life Raft, One Person, Type LRU-16/P FLO-7000-00
1 each CO2 Inflation Assembly FLO-7000-01
1 each Compass, Lensatic COP-1000-00
1 each Whistle SIG-8500-00
2 each Smoke Signal, Day Night Mk.124 SIG-3100-00
1 each Signal Kit, Pen Gun Flare SIG-55665-00
1 each First Aid Kit LS-600-54
1 each Sun Screen SUN-1000-00
1 each Food Ration Packet (Foil packet) RTN-2000-00
1 each Fishing Kit KIT-2000-00
1 each Survival Manual MAN-1000-00
3 each Drinking Water WTR-1100-00
1 each Knife, Pocket, General Purpose KFE-4000-00
1 each Signal Mirror SIG-8050-00
1 each Repair Kit FLO-9003-00