SHOUT ns - Body-Worn Iridium® Tracker

LSI Product ID: com-1030-00

The SHOUT ns is the “no LCD display” version of the SHOUT ts. It is a body-worn tracker/messaging device weighing less than 3 ounces and is 60% smaller than the SHOUT ts in volume. Both the Iridium and GPS antennas are embedded inside the enclosure. The SHOUT ns’ operating parameters are set with a computer via a USB port. The SHOUT ns can also be connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth for two-way messaging and parameter settings.

+ Small, body-worn satellite tracker powered by the Iridium® network.

+ Ultra-low power consumption.

+ Truly global coverage compatible with Iridium Certus.

+ IP67 rated plastic casing (Protected from total dust ingress; Protected from immersion up to 1m in depth).

+ Class II Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) connectivity.

+ 256-AES encryption on all outbound and inbound data (FIPS 140-2 Compliant).

+ Six LEDs indicate device status.

+ A single charge can provide a position report every hour for up to
twenty-five days (~480 Reports).

+ Canned and Free-text messaging options with a Bluetooth compatible
smartphone (Alerting and Tracking does not require a smartphone).